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  • 商品名称: Prebaked anode vibration molding machine
  • Product Number: 201110
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Henan Fushengyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Main technical parameters of pre - baked anode forming machine

Forming machine capacity: ~ 36 pieces / sets (sets) • hours

~ 18 pieces / vibration single station • Hours

Vibration platform specifications: 1800 * 2500mm

Excitation force: 0--600KN

Automatic amplitude vibration frequency: 15-35HZ (AM-type frequency control)

Amplitude: 0-3mm

Platform power: 30kw × 2

Heavy Hammer: 13-18T

Weight lifting force: 30T

Mold box lifting force: 12T

Carbon block pushing force: 3T

Insulation storage box capacity: 4-6 cubic meters

Measurement car effective volume: 1.6 cubic meters

Cloth car effective volume: 1。6 cubic meters

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